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The essence of place in senses

The following give a sense of the character of Maritime Greenwich in spirit and feeling as expressed by local people. These may be considered to demonstrate the appreciation and some of the local values of the place.

Landscaping at the Sammy Offer Wing of the National Maritime Museum


  • Multi-textured place with grass, trees, water, wood and stone
  • Natural and built places
  • New and old together
  • Smooth and rough qualities
  • Awareness of touching history
  • ​Touching a real and authentic place
Junior students at Trinity Laban


  • Music from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance
  • Clocks
  • Waves and water
  • Birdsong
  • Different voices
  • Lively places
  • Night-time sounds
  • Contrast between busy and quiet places
  • Water features outside Sammy Ofer Wing
Thames riverside at Greenwich


  • Cutty Sark tar
  • The river at low and high tides
  • Greenwich Market
  • Mown grass
  • Fresh flowers
  • Fresh air
Red timeball at the Royal Observatory © National Maritime Museum


  • Blue/black skies and river
  • Sunsets at high tide
  • Silhouettes of historic roofscapes against sunsets
  • Dark shadows
  • Green spaces
  • White stone and stucco buildings
  • Red-brick houses
  • Green railings
  • The red time-ball
  • Gold weather vanes
  • Green Prime Meridian laser beam
  • ‘House’ colours of Greenwich Market, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich Foundation
  • Red telephone boxes
View of Maritime Greenwich at night time

Maritime Greenwich at night

  • Views of Canary Wharf
  • Floodlit facades of great buildings
  • Floodlit masts and rigging of Cutty Sark
  • Town Centre shopfronts
  • Meridian laser beam
  • Dark skies above the Park
  • Dark places away from main streets


  • Greenwich Hospital
  • Old Royal Naval College
  • Royal Borough of Greenwich
  • Royal Museums Greenwich
  • The Royal Parks
  • St Alfege
  • Trinity Laban
  • University of Greenwich
  • Visit Greenwich